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However as powerful as we are no god in existence has ever been able to refuse to obey an 'Order' from Chaos," Nyx answered staring and Ethan, again with a look he couldn't decipher. . . 2) I skipped forward a few months for this story so it wouldn't be repetition cuz I have an idea for this one 3) The hot guy who keeps writing in all my stories "(:, :3, and . Please read my first series parts 1-5 or none of this will make sense to you. She kept this up for almost a minute then dipped her tongue for another taste of flowing juices Helen noticed this and as Dawn hadn’t done her any miss-justice she felt responsible.

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Suddenly, his efforts were well rewarded as her silent scream ended with a loud exclamation of his name, but he didn’t even hear as he was lost in his own satisfaction, exploding deep inside of her and feeling her pussy squeeze and milk him dry. He succeeded in his efforts, making her explode everywhere immediately after her first finished, causing her to collapse back down to the bed, exhausted

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. I couldn’t wait to see what a penis looked like so I said okay