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He smiled at her and slowly took it out completely. He lifted her arse and shifted her knees up so she was kneeling . . She moved to her chair and I removed the cover cloth from the tray and she smiled . She flinched then moaned from the tender touch of my hand. It makes him very easy to deal with, you know you’re always getting the real Matt, he just doesn’t have any guile to hide anything But, I channel my inner bitch as Kennedy for Matt, and he really gets off on that.
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Aria had been blind these last few hours, with the ship's sensors down she could have slowly been being dragged into the orbit of a star, and wouldn’t have realised until the heat burned through the layers of hull and she was cooked alive in her own ship. Aria glanced across at the clear mirror across from the shower, the heated steam from the water flowing around the mirror but refusing to latch on to the surface, her ebony skin stood out in stark contrast to the white of the shower’s walls, her tattoos forming whorls across her chest and down her arms, with more curling around her legs Info link. We were both tired, and we relaxed for a while