Pool Alex Wants A Big Dick! Throatfuck

Pool Alex Wants A Big Dick! Throatfuck play
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"Alex, I dare you to strip your boxers off. One Friday night, I was planning on having my friends Alex and Jake over to play some xbox and spend the night . . " She sat there quietly, staring into my eyes . " Relax Hollie, you don't have to be nervous of around me. “I’m coming!” he called back to her; Sidney stubbed the last of the cigarette out he was smoking into a nearby ashtray and headed for the stairs “Just great Dad, and thank you.
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I started screaming that this wasn’t the deal that he needed to get off of me. “Your pussy is dripping you lithe whore, you like being fucked don’t you? I will teach you what it’s like to cum with a dick inside that tight little cunt of yours” He started to fuck me faster and with that it became harder and painful

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. I felt my balls tighten and I am about to cum when she pulls out and chokes my dick with her fingers, cutting off my climax